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    SubjectRe: Off-by-one in both LIBATA and IDE drivers
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > [attribution stolen:]
    >> ata_piix should definitely attach to 8086/7111 regardless of the
    >> subsystem IDs. I can't really explain why it's not. You should at least
    >> be seeing a message about the ata_piix version, if not then somehow the
    >> driver probe function isn't even being called..
    > Because on at least some kernels
    > hda=noprobe ... etc
    > does not stop the old IDE layer grabbing the PCI device and continuing to
    > claim ownership (which means ATA cannot attach to it).

    That could be part of the explanation. dmesg did include the usual
    statements about PIIX4 not being 100% native and irqs would be probed later
    (though of course they weren't probed later).

    > Arguably this is correct behaviour as the IDE layer was asked to ignore
    > the devices *NOT* to ignore the controller.

    That doesn't explain why ide0=noprobe ide1=noprobe hda=none hdb=none
    hdc=none hdd=none still didn't stop the old IDE layer from grabbing
    something. ATA didn't report whether there was something it couldn't grab
    onto, all it did was report loading and that was the end of it.

    Alan Cox also wrote:
    > [Norman Diamond:]
    >> I think the PIIX4 devices of VMware server are well known. Besides
    >> vendor 8086 and device 7111, VMware's subsystem is coded into LIBATA's
    >> PIIX driver.
    > That is a known working case so its something about your setup or build.

    I doubt it. I think your other message explained part of the reason, though
    something is still missing.

    > You might want to try building with CONFIG_IDE=n and CONFIG_ATA + ATA_PIIX
    > + AHCI = y to double check your config.

    CONFIG_ATA + ATA_PIIX + AHCI were always y all along. An experiment
    changing old IDE from y to m got PIIX4 working, but I'm still nervous about
    lots of cases where I don't have machines with other old IDE chipsets to

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