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SubjectRe: Sierra Wireless (MC8780) HSDPA speed issue
Greg KH wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 08:34:40PM +0100, Ralf Nyren wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I choose to only test download speeds for now but upload will also be of
>> interest later on.
>> I had actually tried to change the N_IN_URB/N_OUT_URB before sending of the
>> report but now I've been testing with both 8 and 128 but the speed remains the
>> same. Download speed max 1.0Mbit/s in Linux while the Windows driver could get
>> an average of 2.5Mbit/s at my current location (different location than during
>> the last test).
>> I have also tried the new 1.6.0 driver as kindly supplied by Sierra but the
>> speed remained the same 1.0Mbit/s with the new driver as well...
>> Anything else you think I could try?
> Then this is not an issue on the kernel side, you might look higher up.
> I have had reports of people incorrectly calculating network speeds
> compared to Windows due to other tools running at the time, or
> misconfigured networks.
> As for how to look into this, sorry, I really don't know.
> good luck,
> greg k-h
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Yes, it would be interesting to know how you determined the download speed?


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