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SubjectRe: [PATCH] acerhdf: Acer Aspire One fan control
Small number of things:

*) It looks like the patch has ended up linewrapped - it probably won't
apply as a result.

*) x86 specific drivers are mostly moving from drivers/misc to

*) It should probably have a DMI modalias to allow it to autoload on
appropriate hardware.

*) You have user and kernel modes - it should probably also have a bios
mode that just leaves fan control in the same state it would be if the
driver had never been loaded, and this should be the default.

*) The thermal code has been moved from ACPI into the generic thermal
layer for 2.6.30. If you register thermal trip points and indicate that
you require polling you should be able to get rid of the kernel thread
in your driver and leave that up to the kernel.

Once that's all dealt with you should submit the patch to linux-kernel
and Cc: Len Brown who maintains drivers/platform/x86. Include a
description and a signed-off-by: line (and an entry in the MAINTAINERS
file) and it should get merged.

Matthew Garrett |

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