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    SubjectRe: [patch]: fixing of pmtimer overflow that make Cx states time incorrect
    On Mon, 02 Feb 2009 09:46:57 +0800
    "alex.shi" <> wrote:

    > Yagui want to give a clear explanation to be used for commitment. So I resend
    > this again.
    > On most boxes the ACPI PM timer is 24-bit counter that runs on 3.579545MHz
    > clock. In such case the max C-state sleep time should be less than 4687ms when
    > it is used to record C2/C3 duration time.
    > But on some boxes the max C-state sleep time is more than 4687ms. In such
    > case the overflow happens and the C-state duration time can't be counted
    > accurately.
    > Use clocksource to get the C-state time instead of ACPI PM timer. and use
    > div64_u64 to convert US_TO_PM_TIME_TICKS in i386 mode.

    It seems that this bugfix was not applied, a cleanup patch was merged
    instead and this patch is now wrecked.

    I'll need to drop it, sorry.

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