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SubjectRe: [PATCH] libata-sff: fix 32-bit PIO regression
Hugh Dickins wrote:

>>>Yes, looks nice, and works for me. My only criticism would be,
>>>minor issue unchanged by your patch, that actually "slop" isn't
>>>unlikely enough to deserve an "unlikely" - slop of 1 or 3 is
>>>unlikely, but slop of 2 is quite common.

>> Common on what types of ATAPI commands? I can hardly believe that they are
>>common on the block I/O...

> When I checked (mounting and listing a CD), about 34% of
> commands had slop 2.

Hm, that probably involved the raw block reads. I don't remember the raw
sector length off-hand but it may well be just even, not divisble by 4.

> But you're right, now I try copying
> a large file, there's no slop involved in that at all.

> Hugh

MBR, Sergei

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