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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] libata-sff: fix 32-bit PIO regression

    Hugh Dickins wrote:

    >> Commit 871af1210f13966ab911ed2166e4ab2ce775b99d (libata: Add 32bit PIO support)
    >> caused all kind of errors on the ATAPI devices, so it's been empirically proven
    >> that one shouldn't read/write an extra data word when a device isn't expecting
    >> it already. "Don't do it then"; however still taking a chance to use 32-bit I/O
    >> one last time when there are exactly 3 trailing bytes. Oh, and stop pointless
    >> swapping bytes to and fro as well by using io*_rep() which shouldn't byte-swap.
    >> This should fix the bug #12609.
    >> ---
    >> This is hopefully better replacement for Hugh Dickins most recent patch
    >> (
    > Yes, looks nice, and works for me. My only criticism would be,
    > minor issue unchanged by your patch, that actually "slop" isn't
    > unlikely enough to deserve an "unlikely" - slop of 1 or 3 is
    > unlikely, but slop of 2 is quite common.

    I guess that's the case only for the ATAPI devices, so I'm going to
    keep it.

    MBR, Sergei

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