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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7][v7] Container-init signal semantics
Sukadev Bhattiprolu [] wrote:
| Patches in this set:
| [PATCH 1/7] Remove 'handler' parameter to tracehook functions
| [PATCH 2/7] Protect init from unwanted signals more
| [PATCH 3/7] Add from_ancestor_ns parameter to send_signal()
| [PATCH 4/7] Protect cinit from unblocked SIG_DFL signals
| [PATCH 5/7] Protect cinit from blocked fatal signals
| [PATCH 6/7] SI_USER: Masquerade si_pid when crossing pid ns boundary
| [PATCH 7/7] proc: Show SIG_DFL signals to init as "ignored" signals

Roland, Eric, Daniel, Pavel

Any comments on this patchset ? We are not sure about patch 7, but should
I send the rest to Andrew ?


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