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Subject[PATCH RFC 0/11] FSL eSDHC support: second call for comments
Hi all,

There were only a few comments on the previous version. So, here is
the second call for comments.

Changes since the first RFC:

- Use of_iomap() in sdhci-of.c (suggested by Arnd Bergmann). Also added
Arnd's Acked-by: line for the sdhci-of patch.
- Kconfig help text improved (thanks to Matt Sealey and M. Warner Losh).
- In "sdhci: Add quirk to suppress PIO interrupts during DMA transfers"
patch: sdhci_init() now clears SDHCI_PIO_DISABLED flag, otherwise we
won't disable PIO interrupts after suspend.
- New patch: "sdhci: Add type checking for IO memory accessors"

That's all, for now.

Pierre, what do you think about memory accessors, what is your
preference regarding mem ops? Some options were discussed here:


Anton Vorontsov

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