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    SubjectRe: Regression on VIA C3 motherboard, commit: 66f2173e2
    Ben Greear wrote:
    > I have a via motherboard with C3 processor and some real-tek NICs. I
    > noticed
    > when using the top-of-tree that performance on it sucked (30Mbps v/s 54Mbps
    > network throughput in one pertinent test).
    > After several hours of bisecting, I see this as the culprit:
    > 7b37b5fd9ba32c0c5afc3537eed7e7466f2173e2 is first bad commit
    > commit 7b37b5fd9ba32c0c5afc3537eed7e7466f2173e2
    > Author: Len Brown <>
    > Date: Tue Dec 23 01:47:42 2008 -0500
    > ACPI: disable MPS when NO APIC-table found
    > When ACPI is asked to find an MADT (APIC table)
    > and fails, then ACPI expects to run in PIC mode.
    > However, if an MP Table is was found, IRQs will be
    > registered as if an IOAPIC is being used, even
    > though ACPI is configuring interrupt links links for PIC mode.
    > In this scenario, disable MPS so that IRQs
    > are registered in PIC mode, consistent with ACPI.
    > Signed-off-by: Len Brown <>
    > :040000 040000 86ce74daee3a9fe6ff21ef7f8fb364af23ec0c1e
    > 364933dfec0df34e63b1aeff6aff4092d421886b M arch
    > In addition, I see this warning in my logs, which is likely the symptom:
    > ACPI Exception (tbxface-0627): AE_NO_ACPI_TABLES, While loading
    > namespace from ACPI tables ]
    > ACPI: Unable to load the System Description Tables

    You're getting this on boot:

    ACPI Error (tbxfroot-0218): A valid RSDP was not found [20080926]

    That essentially means ACPI isn't working at all, I think. Did previous
    kernels produce this error? Do you have ACPI disabled in the BIOS or

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