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SubjectRe: main thread pthread_exit/sys_exit bug!
On 02/05, Roland McGrath wrote:
> I wrote this test case for it. Is there any problem other than this one?

I don't know about other problems with the zombie leaders.

Except, I am worried whether the fix I have in mind is correct ;)
It is simple, wait_task_stopped() should do

if we tracer:

check ->state, eat ->exit_code

check SIGNAL_STOP_STOPPED, use ->group_exit_code

This looks logical, and should fix the problem. But this is
the user-visible change. For example,

$ sleep 100
[1]+ Stopped sleep 100
$ strace -p `pidof sleep`
Process 11442 attached - interrupt to quit

strace hangs in do_wait(). But after the fix strace will happily
proceed. I can't know whether this behaviour change is bad or not.


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