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    SubjectRe: 2.6.29-rc3-git6: Reported regressions from 2.6.28

    On Wed, 4 Feb 2009, Norbert Preining wrote:
    > The problem is that if you have a configuration under 2.6.28 without
    > CONFIG_FB and just call make oldconfig, or even make config and don't
    > know that you loose the DRM. And I was using make oldconfig (there is a
    > graphical config?? ;-))

    Sure. It's inconvenient, no question about that. I asked the i915 people
    to look into not requiring CONFIG_FB, and I hope they will, but my point
    is that I don't think we can consider "small one-time inconvenience" to be
    a "regression".

    > So maybe there should be a select FB or so under the CONFIG_DRM option
    > (not that I actually can program Kconfig).

    CONFIG_FB is one of the things that _could_ be selected for (it doesn't
    depend on anything else that I know about), so just changing the "depends
    on FB" into a "select FB" may get rid of the issue - but it would not
    actually fix your problem, since your CONFIG_DRM_I915 has already been set
    to 'n' by now - so you'd _still_ have to enable it by hand again.

    So the upside is not very big - people who have custom configs are the
    often the same people who try -rc1's, so they've already hit this.


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