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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] kthreads: rework kthread_stop()
Rusty Russell <> writes:

> On Wednesday 04 February 2009 15:40:06 Eric W. Biederman wrote:
>> static struct kthread *to_kthread(struct task_struct *tsk)
>> {
>> void *stack = task_stack_page(tsk);
>> return (struct kthread *)(stack + kthread_offset);
>> }
> ...
>> It would remove the test and be simple and obviously correct.
> Clever? Sure. Neat? Yes.
> But you are using a definition of obvious with which I was not previously
> familiar :)

Well the way you compute kthread_offset is:

struct kthread kthread;
void *stack = task_stack_page(current);
kthread_offset = (void *)&kthread - stack;

Now Rusty I don't know about you but after I learned to do
addition and subtraction it has always been obvious to me that
one is the opposite of the other.

Further I think the rest of that code becomes a lot clearer if
we can remove that stupid, unnecessary conditional. As worrying
if the process has exited implies we care about a lot of things
that we really don't and seem to make the code generally less

I am slightly concerned that using task_stack_page(tsk) may be
overly clever, but compared to ACCESS_ONCE(), memory barriers,
or not letting kthread_stop be called on a thread that may exit
I think I am ahead of the game.


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