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SubjectRe: marching through all physical memory in software

>>> The next question is who handles the conversion of the various
>>> different arch-specific BIOS mappings to a standard format that we
>>> can feed to the background "scrub" code. Is this something that
>>> belongs in the edac memory controller code, or would it live in
>>> /arch/foo somewhere?
>> If it's intended to be something basically stand-alone that doesn't require
>> an actual EDAC chipset, it should probably live elsewhere. Otherwise, you get
>> into the case of people who don't enable it because they "know" their hardware
>> doesn't have an EDAC ability, even if they *could* benefit from the function.
>> On the other hand, if it's an EDAC-only thing, maybe under drivers/edac/$ARCH?
> I don't see anything in the name of EDAC that implies hardware only...a
> software memory scrub could be considered "error detection and
> correction". Might have to update the config help text though.

Software memory scrub would no longer be a "driver" :-). So it should
go into kernel/scrub or mm/scrub or maybe mm/edac or something.

(cesky, pictures)

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