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    SubjectRe: Crash in - ext4 related

    On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 5:08 PM, Theodore Tso <> wrote:
    > I got the crash image.  Unfortunately the beginning of the Oops
    > message was cut off, which might have been valuable.  There are some
    > new patches that are newer than what has been backported to;
    > some of them are in the for-stable branch of the ext4 git tree, and
    > have been queued for  The call stack doesn't look like one
    > of the known bugs, though.
    > Hmm... can you send us the output of dumpe2fs on the filesystem?


    > And something that would be very useful would be a raw e2image of the
    > filesystem, created thusly:
    >            e2image -r /dev/sdXXX - | bzip2 > sdXXX.e2i.bz2
    > This image will contain the basic filesystem metadata, including the
    > directory blocks (and directory names), but none of the data blocks.
    > It is therefore much smaller, and if you are willing to let me see
    > your directory file names, I can take that image and try to replicate
    > the problem on one of my systems.

    It's my home directory and so I prefer not to share, sorry. Anyway, it
    seems that after the removal of that (possibly corrupted) directory, I
    can't reproduce the problem anymore. I tried to create / modify /
    delete some big directories, even two or three at a time with no luck.

    I would post some new pictures if the problems represents.

    > If you have a spare 20gb of disk space, you can also unpack the raw
    > image dump and try reproducing the problem on the raw image dump.  If
    > you can trigger it easily with an rm -rf operation, it should be just
    > as reproducible on the raw image dump.
    > Regards,
    >                                                - Ted

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