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    SubjectRe: [tip:core/percpu] bootmem: clean up arch-specific bootmem wrapping

    Johannes Weiner wrote:
    > No, when the patch was submitted for review, I pointed out the change
    > in semantics and gathered from Tejun's reaction that this wasn't done
    > intentionally. So the problem is the change itself, not the missing
    > declaration.

    Yeah, I should have regenerated the tree. Sorry about that.

    >>From the original mail:
    > Johannes Weiner wrote:
    > > This won't suffice as reserve_bootmem() doesn't use
    > > alloc_bootmem_core(), so now you effectively removed the
    > > node-0 restriction for reserve_bootmem() on this
    > > configuration.
    > Ah... right. :-(
    > I just wrote again because I didn't understand why Tejun acknowledged
    > the error in the patch and then it went into -tip anyway.
    > The other part of my email was just suggestions for a cleanup, I
    > wasn't referring to that when I said 'broken' - sorry if that is how
    > it came over.

    It seems that the wrapping thing was broken both before and after the
    patch and can lead to panic on free path. I'll soon post a patch to
    fix it.



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