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SubjectRe: quirk_usb_disable_ehci takes 2x 1.5s on boot
On 6.1.2009 01:36, Robert Hancock wrote:
> Jiri Slaby wrote:
>> I don't know since which moment (maybe I changed something in bios,
>> but usb
>> legacy kbd was ever enabled), but quirk_usb_disable_ehci takes for
>> both of my
>> ehci controllers 1.5 s.
>> More precisely, the time is spent in
>> pci_write_config_byte(pdev, offset + 3, 1);
>> by
>> outb((u8)value, 0xCFC + (reg & 3));
>> from pci_conf1_write deep in the callstack.
>> Is there any workaround known or something. Turning legacy usb off is
>> not an
>> option, I want to control grub.
> Most likely the PCI config space write is causing some SMM trap and the
> BIOS is taking forever to do whatever it's doing. It doesn't report that
> the handoff failed, though?

Some time ago there was something like that:
I haven't seen it since that time.

> I'd look for a BIOS update..

I can't find any, bad luck. It's some kind of testing machine sample...

Nevermind, it obviously doesn't occur during kexeced kernel bootup, I
can live with that :).

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