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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET x86/core/percpu] improve the first percpu chunk allocation

* Tejun Heo <> wrote:

> > and i think that abstraction is wrong.
> No, it's not wrong. It simply is irrelevant - it's congruent
> vs. contiguos and all that we need is congruent. Contiguous
> of course achieves congruent but it doesn't make any
> difference for this purpose.

Well, as long as we can go up in unit size to 2MB (on 64-bit
x86) i'm fine with that model.

There's no granularity artifacts, right? pcpu_populate_chunk()
intelligently only populates pages on an as-needed basis, so
extending the percpu areas with a 2MB unit does not trigger
nr_cpus*2MB allocations straight away.

The code looks very clean and if we can agree on the SMP/NUMA
symmetry and the dynamic-ptr optimizations that it allows, plus
if you can up the unit size to 2MB on 64-bit x86, i'm a happy
camper and will pull it.


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