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SubjectRe: kernel panic on 2.6.28
On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 08:38:42AM +0200, wrote:
> On Fri 20 Feb 21:24 2009 wrote:
> >
> > hello, I'm having a kernel panic with kernel 2.6.28 upon shutdown right after unmounting remaining file system under gentoo.
> > I've enabled kernel dump feature in the kernel but I can't seem to be able to locate the file, where can I find it?
> >
> > thanks
> >
> > Eial
> I apologize of the bump, can anyone help me on this subject?

As I read Documentation/kdump/kdump.txt kdump works in a different way,
so it's a dead end. Does this panic happen on gentoo-sources or vanilla-sources?
If it's on gentoo-sources, test vanilla (if it happens only on gentoo-sources
then file a bug at

No matter on which kernel it happens, you will have to write down an oops.
You can take a picture of a screen with a camera.

And then read REPORTING-BUGS in kernel sources.

PS: Please don't top post.


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