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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pciehp: Handle interrupts that happen during initialization.
Kenji Kaneshige <> writes:

> In the current pciehp implementation, minimum resources enough to
> enable devices under the bridge are assigned when P2P bridge is
> hot-added. My concern is that enough resources are NOT assigned to
> the bridge if an additional slot is empty. As a result, hot-add
> adapter card on the additional slot won't work because of resource
> shortage.

It is a good concern. Right now I know I won't need a bus number
but you are quite right the mmio and iospace may be a problem.

My preliminary test case doesn't cover that so I will look and
confirm it is a problem I need to address.

>> kobject_name is not initialized, and slot_name(p_slot) calls
>> hoptlug_slot_name which calls pci_slot_name which kobj_name.
>> It looks like this problem was introduced in commit
>> e1acb24f059defdaa0264e925f19cc21b0a3e592
> Thank your for the information. I understood what is happening.
> This needs to be fixed. But, as I mentioned before, I think
> software notification mechanism should be initialized before
> sysfs entries are created. I'll consider alternative fix.

Reasonable. I haven't had the need nor gotten brave enough to
support those sysfs entries in my minimal driver.


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