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SubjectRe: tip: bzip2/lzma now in tip:x86/setup-lzma
Alain Knaff wrote:
> Maybe another solution would be to make the choice of builtin ramdisk
> compression user-selectable, and default to no compression at all.

That might just make most sense.

> Indeed, in the default case, the builtin ramdisk is so small (950 bytes
> uncompressed), that it probably wouldn't really matter anyways.
> The only case where it matters is for developers of embedded systems who
> want to replace the builtin ramdisk with a fully populated one, because
> their boot loader does not support loading a "normal" initrd.
> These people are (hopefully) knowledgeable enough to pick an appropriate
> compressor (but there's still the issue of notifying them about the
> change, obviously).
> Btw, what *is* the standard work flow of supplying your own built-in
> initramfs? Do such developers usually supply a directory tree, or do
> they already cpio it before supplying it to the kernel? Or do they even
> compress it themselves?

The normal thing is that you point the kernel build to an
out-of-the-kernel-build-tree directory.


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