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SubjectRe: [PATCH] SMACK netfilter smacklabel socket match

Paul Moore wrote:
> Well, since you have some time and willingness to do things "the right way" I
> would recommend dropping these patches (which are really just band-aids) and
> working on the right solution to stored the addresses/masks in a sorted list
> with the mask already applied.
OK, I'm about to send a new patch; but while testing my patches and reading code, I noticed another bug :

In smackfs.c:smk_write_netlbladdr
the netmask mask.s_addr is not handled correctly, the netmask should be :
1- computed in u32
2- converted to be32 !!
with current code, a "pseudo u32 mask" is applied to a be32 ipaddr; it occurs to works for "common netmasks" (multiple of 8), not for "intermediate" mask (/15, /25)

> FWIW, the NetLabel code (net/netlabel) has to do very similar things with
> sorted address lists so I built an address list construct which builds on the
> list.h ideas and operates in a similar way. You may find it helpful.
OK, I tested some code in userspace and when i was confident enough coded it to kernel

>> I think this should go to stable too?
> I would worry about getting the patches developed, tested and in an acceptable
> form first, then we can worry about where they should be applied ;)

OK :)

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