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    SubjectRe: EXT4 ENOSPC Bug

    On 02/16/2009 04:01 PM, Theodore Tso wrote:
    > On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 12:37:19PM +0100, Andres Freund wrote:
    >> "Luckily", to prove that I am not completly mad I recently found this
    >> problem again. On a more recent kernel:
    >> 2.6.29-rc3-andres-00498-g68e80d5
    >> (upstream 2.6.29 + Theodore's ext4 debug patches)
    >> Again I got:
    >> open("/home/andres/tt", O_WRONLY|O_CREAT|O_NOCTTY|O_NONBLOCK, 0666) = -1
    >> ENOSPC (No space left on device)
    > So /home/andres/tt does not exist, correct?

    > Does this happen for any
    > attempt to create a new zero-length file using the "touch" command?
    > (Even in other directories) Can you append to a file using "cat
    > /etc/mailcap>> some_existing_file"?
    Happens at the moment only for not existing files in every directory i

    > Once this triggers, does it reliably continue to fail if you reboot?
    Yes and no. It triggers as long as I don't delete any files:

    Out of another mail:

    for i in `seq 1 1000`;do touch tmp$i;done
    touch: cannot touch `tmp139': No space left on device

    rm tmp*;for i in `seq 1 200`;do dd if=/dev/zero of=tmp$i bs=1024k
    dd: opening `tmp139': No space left on device

    So, yes, seems to be an inode allocation problem.

    > Or does it go away when you reboot?
    Reboot fixes it.


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