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    Subject[2/3] lenovo-sl-laptop : documentation
    This patch contains the documentation for the lenovo-sl-laptop driver.

    Signed-off-by: Alexandre Rostovtsev <>

    diff --git a/Documentation/laptops/lenovo-sl-laptop.txt b/Documentation/laptops/lenovo-sl-laptop.txt
    new file mode 100644
    index 0000000..d7bd728
    --- /dev/null
    +++ b/Documentation/laptops/lenovo-sl-laptop.txt
    @@ -0,0 +1,130 @@
    +Lenovo ThinkPad SL Series Laptop Extras driver
    +Version 0.02
    +13 February 2009
    +Copyright (C) 2008-2009 Alexandre Rostovtsev <>
    +lenovo-sl-laptop is a driver for controlling various parts of the Lenovo
    +ThinkPad SL series (SL300/400/500) laptops. The SL series is not supported
    +by the standard thinkpad_acpi driver.
    +Reporting bugs
    +You can report bugs to me by email, or use the Linux ThinkPad mailing list:
    +You will need to subscribe to the mailing list to post.
    +This driver was written with no help from Lenovo engineers, and is based on
    +my experiments with my SL300. It's possible that it could break your hardware
    +- of course, that is quite unlikely, but still, be aware of the possibility.
    +Supported hardware
    +I have reports of the driver working on a number of SL300, 400, and 500
    +laptops with Intel video. I do not know how well it works with Nvidia
    +video cards.
    +There are rumors that with some modification, the driver can be used on
    +some IdeaPads. I know that it certainly does *not* work, and probably will
    +never work, on the IdeaPad S10e.
    +If the driver does not work on your ThinkPad SL, please send me a copy of
    +your DSDT. In other words,
    +cat /proc/acpi/dsdt > dsdt
    +and send me the resulting dsdt file.
    +Lenovo Care : KEY_VENDOR (360)
    +Volume up : KEY_VOLUMEUP (115)
    +Volume down : KEY_VOLUMEDOWN (114)
    +Volume mute : KEY_MUTE (113)
    +Fn F2 (screensaver): KEY_COFFEE (152)
    +Fn F2 (battery): KEY_BATTERY (236)
    +Fn F4 (sleep): no input event; dispatches an ACPI event
    +Fn F5 (radio): KEY_WLAN (238)
    +Fn F7 (switch screen): no input event; dispatches an ACPI event
    +Fn F8 (Ultranav): KEY_PROG1 (148)
    +Fn F9 (eject): KEY_EJECTCD (161)
    +Fn F12 (hibernate): KEY_SUSPEND (205)
    +Fn Space (zoom): KEY_ZOOM (372)
    +Fn Home (brightness up): by default, only dispatches an ACPI event;
    + will dispatch an input event if control_backlight
    + parameter is on.
    +Fn End (brightness down): see above.
    +Sysfs interface
    +You may find the following sysfs files useful. NOTE: depending on your
    +hardware and module parameters, some of these will not be available.
    + The Lenovo Care LED. brightness can be 0 (off) or 255 (on). To make the LED
    + blink, make sure you have LED timer trigger support and
    + echo "timer" > /sys/class/leds/lensl::lenovocare/triggers
    + Afterwards, you will be able to adjust the blink frequency using delay_off
    + and delay_on (in milliseconds).
    + The bluetooth rfkill. state is the switch state (0 for bluetooth off,
    + 1 for bluetooth on).
    + Note that in case future versions of the driver add other rfkill switches,
    + userspace programs should check that the rfkill name is lensl_bluetooth_sw
    + The backlight brightness interface. Only available if the control_backlight
    + parameter is on. This interface will very likely disappear in a future
    + driver version, after the ACPI video driver properly supports the SL series.
    + I am using the same backlight device name as the thinkpad_acpi driver in
    + order to ensure support on existing versions of the xorg intel video driver.
    +Module parameters
    + Controls the verbosity of messages printed to the kernel log. Values
    + range from 0 (print nothing) to 7 (print everything).
    + Default is 6.
    + If this parameter is set to 1 and your laptop supports bluetooth, then
    + bluetooth will be activated immediately when you load this driver. If
    + the parameter is set to 0, bluetooth will not be automatically activated,
    + and you will need to enable it manually:
    + cat 1 > /sys/devices/platform/lenovo-sl-laptop/rfkill/rfkill*/state
    + Default is 1.
    + If this parameter is set to 1, this driver will intercept brightness keys
    + (Fn+Home and Fn+End) and control the backlight brightness. This feature is
    + useful because the default ACPI video driver currently has poor support
    + for the Lenovo SL series. If you enable this feature, you should add
    + acpi_backlight=vendor
    + to the kernel boot parameters. Otherwise, lenovo-sl-laptop and the ACPI
    + video driver will both try to change screen brightness simultaneously,
    + causing interesting effects.
    + It's likely that this option will disappear in the next driver version
    + (I will remove it once the SL series are well supported by the ACPI video
    + driver).
    + Default is 0.
    + For debugging purposes, enables access to the ACPI embedded controller via
    + /proc/acpi/lenovo-sl-laptop/ec0
    + Reading from this file will dump the contents of all EC registers. Doing
    + so could theoretically crash your computer. Writing to this file will
    + write data to the EC registers.
    + CAN *DESTROY* YOUR VALUABLE HARDWARE! Do not even think of doing it unless
    + you are quite certain about your actions.
    + Default is, of course, 0.

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