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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Don't override CONFIG_64BIT for ARCH={i386,x86_64} builds
    David Woodhouse wrote:
    > Ew, that's a nasty thing to be prioritising over day-to-day usability,
    > and the fact that I can't just do 'make bzImage' without it screwing up
    > and asking me to reconfigure.
    > Isn't there a CONFIG_RANDCONFIG option? We could make it
    > bool "64-bit kernel" if !CONFIG_RANDCONFIG
    > Alternatively, we could just the top-level Makefile set ARCH=x86 when
    > it's inferred from the environment, and let people override it to i386
    > or x86_64 if they want to.

    I think the fundamental problem here is that "make randconfig" is
    allowed to retain *any* information from the previous .config; the same
    is true for "make all*config", "make defconfig", etc. These by
    definition should blast the current configuration away.

    Now, "make randconfig" should ideally be able to generate either a 32-
    or a 64-bit configuration (which would have to be done correctly), but
    if ARCH is set we need to honor it.


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