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    SubjectRe: [uClinux-dev] [PATCH/RFC] FDPIC: add hook for arches to customize program header parsing
    On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 19:28, Jie Zhang <wrote:
    > On 12/05/2009 01:44 AM, David Howells wrote:
    >> Mike Frysinger<>  wrote:
    >>> The Blackfin port has custom program header flags/addresses for
    >>> automatically loading regions into the dedicated on-chip SRAM.  So add a
    >>> hook for ports to leverage.
    >> Now that I've ACK'd this, I feel I'm going to have to NAK it.  I'm not
    >> against
    >> the general concept, but:
    >>> +               do_munmap(mm, *maddr, phdr->p_memsz + *disp);
    >> There needs to be a mapping covering the SRAM region for the purposes of
    >> the
    > Our GDB is still lack of the feature to debug applications using SRAM.

    semi true. L1 text appears to work fine:
    (gdb) stepi
    0xffa02aac in moo ()
    (gdb) dis
    Dump of assembler code from 0xffa02aac to 0xffa02aec:
    0xffa02aac <moo+0>: LINK 0xc; /* (12) */
    0xffa02ab0 <moo+4>: [FP + 0x8] = R0;

    but L1 data doesnt seem to work (probably something simple to fix in
    our kernel ptrace?):
    (gdb) print i
    Cannot access memory at address 0xff803e58

    the simple code:
    int i __attribute__((l1_data));

    > So this part of code was not got exercised. So if we remove this line, can
    > this patch got merged?

    this code does get exercised -- it's run every time code is loaded
    from initramfs for example. the
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