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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH v3] Unprivileged: Disable raising of privileges
    Alan Cox  wrote:
    >Look up the sendmail security archive and you'll even find examples where
    >enforcing extra security on setuid *caused* security problems to show up
    >that were basically impossible to hit otherwise.

    Yes, we know: people have mentioned the sendmail bug multiple times
    in this thread. That's exactly the hazard that this proposed patch
    was intended to help address. That's exactly the hazard that all
    this discussion has been focused on.

    This patch is not a security model. It may facilitate other
    security models, hopefully, but it's not intended as a security
    model in itself.

    >We have a security system, with a set of interfaces for attaching
    >security models, please stop trying to go round the back of the kernel
    >design because you can't be bothered to do the required work to do the
    >job right and would rather add more unmaintainable crap all over the

    Got a constructive suggestion for a better way to implement this?
    My impression is that all thread participants have been happy to
    listen to constructive suggestions about alternative ways to achieve
    the goals, from people who have payed attention to the discussion and
    taken the time to understand the points that havee been raised so far.

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