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    Subject[PATCH -v3 0/5] ACPI, APEI, APEI basic support

    APEI stands for ACPI Platform Error Interface, which allows to report
    errors (for example from chipset) to the operating system. This
    improves NMI handling especially. In addition it supports error
    serialization and error injection.

    This patchset provides basic support for APEI, some important parts
    such as ERST, HEST generic error source and BEST are still missing
    because they are not finalized yet.

    The HEST tabling parsing code will be used by PCIE AER intialization
    code to prevent touching PCIE root port in firmware first mode. EINJ
    can be used to test some RAS related code such as MCE and PCIE AER.


    - Use acpi_os_read/write_port.

    - Fix error message for firmware bug.

    - Remove hest_exit.


    - Separate pre-map + atomic read/write into atomicio.c from
    apei-base.c and in separated patch.

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