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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/4] cgroups: subsystem module loading interface
    >>> +	write_lock(&css_set_lock);
    >>> + for (i = 0; i < CSS_SET_TABLE_SIZE; i++) {
    >>> + struct css_set *cg;
    >>> + struct hlist_node *node, *tmp;
    >>> + struct hlist_head *bucket = &css_set_table[i], *new_bucket;
    >> Please add a blank line between variable declaration and other code.
    >> And elsewhere in this patchset.
    > didn't trip on this [and the more screenspace-intensive
    > comment style]; are they cgroups-specific style requirements or from
    > somewhere higher up?

    You'll find the comment style in Documentation/CodingStyle:

    The preferred style for long (multi-line) comments is:

    * This is the preferred style for multi-line
    * comments in the Linux kernel source code.
    * Please use it consistently.
    * Description: A column of asterisks on the left side,
    * with beginning and ending almost-blank lines.

    Though the other coding style is not documented, I think it's
    well accepted.

    You'll hardly find code that breaks this style, say in kernel/* and
    mm/*. And you can see that people pointed out this when they were
    reviewing patches.

    And the fact is it does make the code more readable.

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