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SubjectRe: [Fdutils] DMA cache consistency bug introduced in 2.6.28
On 12/27/2009 06:09 AM, Pavel Machek wrote:
>>>> This might suggest that Mark's floppy controller doesn't like
>>>> deep C? Mark, did you try booting with processor.max_cstate=1
>>>> and HPET enabled?
>>> We have indeed had historical issues with floppy and sleep states before.
>> I removed that code when moving to 64bit (floppy driver disabling C1),
>> but perhaps we need some variant of it again (but it's the first such
>> report in many years). Although it would be sad to have it again on all
>> systems.
> C1 is hlt. Are you sure? I could see how C3 could cause problems (DMA
> latency), but...
> Can mark simply try with idle=poll?
> Pavel

The floppy still fails with idle=poll


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