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    Subject[2.6.33-rc2] ACPI problems on HP nc6400 notebook

    I build linux-2.6.33-rc2 on a Debian/sid 32-bit host.
    Unfortunately, this kernel falls in an unusable state (sort of loop)
    and does not a normal startup.

    With this setting (see below), I hoped to catch the early
    boot-messages (but, no success):

    # cat /etc/default/bootlogd
    # Run bootlogd at startup ?

    Finally, I could take a picture [1].
    It seems to be that latest ACPI patches are breaking my system (speculating).

    Q: How can I log such early boot (error) messages to give a detailled log?

    Hope this helps fixing the problem.

    Kind Regards,
    - Sedat -


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