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SubjectRe: trace/events: DECLARE vs DEFINE semantic
On Wed, 2009-12-02 at 23:00 -0500, Masami Hiramatsu wrote:
> Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
> > In addition, I wonder if we should rename "CREATE_TRACE_POINTS" to
> > something more suitable while we are here ? Basically, it will affect
> > all TRACE_CLASS/TRACE_CLASS_EVENT/TRACE_EVENT from headers included
> > after it's defined.
> Agreed, CREATE_TRACE_POINTS is a bit irritating thing :-(

Well, I think the name could use some help, but I don't think it is the
name that irritates you.

> For example, if we call tracepoints defined in same-header on
> several different files, we need to check other people have
> already defined CREATE_TRACE_POINTS on another file, because
> CREATE_TRACE_POINTS must be used once for each header...
> So, how about introducing a c file which is only for defining
> tracepoints for kernel parts ? or defining tracepoints in
> kernel at the beginning of kernel/tracepoint.c ? (and don't
> touch tracepoints in modules)

I think the proper fix is to have each tracepoint header have its own C
file. I believe Christoph does this with xfs.

Basically, we should have a:

kernel/sched_trace.c that includes the include/trace/events/sched.h and
does the define.

And the same goes for other trace points.

> e.g.
> @kernel/tracepoint.c
> ...
> #include <trace/events/sched.h>
> #include <trace/events/...>

We could do this for all that is defined in the include/trace/events.

> ...
> @kernel/sched.c
> ...
> #include <trace/events/sched.h> /* Just include events header */
> ...
> @fs/ext4/super.c (no change, since it can be module)
> ...
> #include <trace/events/ext4.h>

Perhaps we should move out anything in include/trace/events that is also
a module into its sub system?

> ...
> Hmm?


-- Steve

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