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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Security: Add prctl(PR_{GET,SET}_NETWORK) interface.
Stephen Hemminger  wrote:
>Michael Stone <> wrote:
>> 5. Linux today has pretty good support for controlling the creation of
>> channels involving the filesystem and involving shared daemons. It has
>> mediocre support for access control involving sysv-ipc
>mechanisms. It has
>> terrible support for access control involving non-local principals like
>> "the collection of people and programs receiving packets sent to
>> destination from source".
>The policy control for this is done today on linux via the firewalling

I don't know of any reasonable way to introduce firewall rules
that apply only to a specific process; nor do I know of any way
for a user-level (non-root) process to specify and apply such
rules. So it doesn't sound to me like the firewalling infrastructure
meets the requirements for which this patch was introduced. Or did
I miss something?

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