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    SubjectRe: [BISECTED] drm: random hang since 620f378 "drm: prune modes when ..."
    On Wednesday 16 December 2009 21:36:36 Arnd Bergmann wrote:
    > On Wednesday 16 December 2009 21:30:05 Jesse Barnes wrote:
    > > But you're sure powersave=0 was solid? Hmm...
    > It's hard to be sure when it sometimes takes a day before a
    > broken version crashes. I can keep running this kernel with and
    > without powersave=0 some more and tell you if it stays reproducible.

    Now it has crashed with i915.powersave=0 plus your patch as well
    (latest 2.6.32 git), indicating that there is something else wrong
    with the original 652c393a33 patch.


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