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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/9] pci: update pci bridge resource to get more big range for devices under it - v13
Alex Chiang wrote:
> Hi Yinghai,
> * Jesse Barnes <>:
>>> -v13: change resource_list to resource_list_x, to save size and flags
>>> aside, otherwise grandchild res will get confused with son's res as
>>> could be used
> One difficulty that I have in reviewing is the multiple patch
> revisions buried deep within a thread.
> Blame my small brain for not being able to keep track of all
> the revision-as-mail-responses in one coherent body of work.
>> Patches 4-6 make me the most nervous, since they have the potential of
>> really changing our resource allocation (hopefully for the better) on
>> many platforms.
>> Linus, can you check them out and see if you're ok with the direction?
>> Patches 7-9 seem like they've recieved some review from Alex and
>> Kenji-san, but I don't see acks or reviewed-bys on them.
>> Alex and Kenji-san, are you ok with them assuming the previous patches
>> or something like them go upstream?
> Can you please repost your next revision (after taking Jesse's
> review comments) in a new thread?

can you check

git:// >> master;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master

i rebased them to linus tree 12-12-2009.



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