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SubjectRe: nconfig v7
On Monday 2009-12-14 06:41, Nir Tzachar wrote:

>>>> - I get a visual glitch (see Exhibit A below) in General setup (patch
>>>>  slapped onto 2.6.32); the left frame part is missing.
>>>I cannot reproduce this. Can you provide some more details? (e.g.,
>>>which terminal, $LINES, $COLUMNS, $TERM)
>> xterm -bg black -fg gray -geometry 80x25
>I cannot reproduce this on any of my systems. Any idea how to
>proceed?? Can you also send a snapshot?

Add this to the top of arch/x86/Kconfig:

bool "With a very long long description, you see where this is going"

to reproduce the effect on ARCH=x86.
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