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    SubjectRe: nconfig v7
    > >As far as colrs are involved, I think it is best to not impose any
    > >color scheme. You can never satisfy everyone, and will get into
    > >endless fights about which is best.
    > Well, menuconfig seems to have had the least fights. There was exactly
    > one color scheme imposed, and that did not change for years; when themes
    > were added, not much happened. There was a bit of discussion and
    > submissions about themes (including myself), but in the end, it was
    > sort-of agreed upon that four were enough. And they seem to work for
    > everybody.
    I also would like the current (menuconfig) defautl color scheme to be used.

    > >Thanks for catching this. It is a by-product of the code for
    > >presenting everything inside a single menu. Easily fixed in the next
    > >version. By the way, is anyone using this option at all? It would much
    > >simplify the code if I did not have to support the one giant menu
    > >option.
    > Well nconfig is the first to provide that option. (Note: I don't use
    > gconfig or xconfig, so I cannot tell if they have something like that.)
    > So to see whether there is use, you would have to wait a number of
    > kernel releases that have nconfig integrated.

    We already have:
    Optional personality available
    . ------------------------------
    . If you prefer to have all of the kernel options listed in a single
    . menu, rather than the default multimenu hierarchy, run the menuconfig
    . with MENUCONFIG_MODE environment variable set to single_menu. Example:
    . make MENUCONFIG_MODE=single_menu menuconfig
    . <Enter> will then unroll the appropriate category, or enfold it if it
    . is already unrolled.
    . Note that this mode can eventually be a little more CPU expensive
    . (especially with a larger number of unrolled categories) than the
    . default mode.

    But I do not think it is much used.


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