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    SubjectRe: BFS v0.311 CPU scheduler for 2.6.32
    On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 05:10:44PM +1100, Con Kolivas wrote:
    > > Also, I like to have the same kernel sources used on my desktop,
    > > notebook, eeepc, and my bootable USB key. It is a lot easier to
    > > upgrade and a lot easier to spot bugs before they strike in sensible
    > > environments.
    > Thanks Willy.
    > That's the first meaningful reason I've heard for it. I may have to consider
    > it now. It still would be compile time limited so probably not quite what
    > you're hoping for. I don't have the time and energy to do and maintain the
    > whole plugsched crap for boottime selection all over again, and that adds
    > overhead which goes against one of my prime objectives.

    No problem, as I said, I want to use the same *sources*, not to be able
    to hot-swap the scheduler. But basically I have a directory named "configs"
    in which all of my machines configs are stored. I run "build-kernel-list"
    over those configs from the kernel dir and I get all of my new kernels.
    You can now easily understand why I don't want to patch in the middle of
    the process :-)


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