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    SubjectRe: Questions about Watch Dog Timer under Linux.
    Less than 2 seconds is not a thing in our embedded system, the WDT
    we've already used will time out every 1.6s, and only a WDI connection
    to support timer clearing. I'm not sure if we depend on a user
    application to clearing the dog directly, is this too short for Linux
    since it's not a RTOS.

    2009/12/10 Pádraig Brady <>:
    > On 09/12/09 14:47, Cypher Wu wrote:
    >> I'm used to work on embedded systems, the Watch Dog Timer in our
    >> products is usually a seperate chip on the board wich will start to
    >> work after power reset and will time out in 2 seconds. The system has
    >> to start dog clearing from the very beginning and there have no way to
    >> disable WDT.
    > wow 2 seconds :(
    > It's easy to patch grub stage 1 to pat the watchdog.
    > I was even able to get support for the complicated iTCO intel
    > watchdogs in there, though your watchdog may be much simpler.
    > Then when the kernel started it patted the watchdog as normal.
    > Note I did this to support robust remote upgrade (as the boot
    > loader wasn't touched on upgrade), rather than to support a
    > very short timeout.
    > cheers,
    > Pádraig.
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