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SubjectRE: Finding and chaniging registered clocksources
Thanks very much for the reply.

>> However, I don't know how to found out what clocksource Linux has
>> for other activities apart from the one mentioned (e.g. for timekeeping)
>> how to change it, if possible.
>Depends on the subsystem.

Could you be a little more specific please cause I don't understand?

>getnstimeofday uses the syste, cllock that can be retrieved using

The problem in my case is that when I execute the above, I get:
cat: can't open
'/sys/devices/system/clocksource/clocksource0/current_clocksource': No such
file or directory
In general, my /sys directory is empty. This file should exist to my
filesystem prior to kernel execution or should it be created by the kernel
when it starts executing; but for some reason it is not being created in my


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