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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86, msr: add support for non-contiguous cpumasks
    On 12/07/2009 04:21 AM, Borislav Petkov wrote:
    > struct msr {
    > + int cpu;
    > union {
    > struct {
    > u32 l;

    I really don't like this patch, for multiple reasons. One of them is
    the above: this has no business being part of struct msr, which reflects
    an MSR value (and ideally should replace at least the use of two
    pointers in other places over time). Having a CPU field and not an MSR
    number field particular doesn't make any sense.

    The second is a linear(!!) search executed on every CPU... at the same
    time, over the same data structure.

    The ideal probably would be to use a percpu variable. Now, this would
    either have to be a dynamic percpu allocation (which would have to be
    the responsibility of the caller, and reused, lest this would be a
    *very* expensive proposition), or we would have to make these functions
    run under a mutex. However, as long as the expected callers of this are
    things that get set up once and then pretty much stick around, a percpu
    variable might just work.

    The slightly less radical version would be to simply require an array
    that spans the extremes of the CPU numbers in the mask. Even on a
    4096-CPU system, we're only talking about 32K worth of memory here.
    This is basically the original solution, just accounting for the fact
    that the bitmap may be sparse when allocating it.

    The third option would be to at least require that the struct msr
    contents are at least serial in the order of the bitmask, not by adding
    another field.


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