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SubjectRe: Q, slab, kmemleak_erase() and redzone?

Pekka Enberg:
> No. The pointer returned by cpu_cache_get() is not changed by
> cache_alloc_refill(). The contents of the array might change, yes. That
> said, we should check if objp is NULL before calling kmemleak_erase().

To test whether objp is NULL or not is another issue.
'ac' is changed actually. You can confirm it by inserting
WARN_ON_ONCE(ac != cpu_cache_get(cachep));
after cache_alloc_refill() in ____cache_alloc().

And do you think these comments/code in cache_alloc_refill() are wrong?
x = cache_grow(cachep, flags | GFP_THISNODE, node, NULL);

/* cache_grow can reenable interrupts, then ac could change. */
ac = cpu_cache_get(cachep);

J. R. Okajima

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