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    SubjectRe: Block IO Controller V4
    Vivek Goyal wrote:
    > Hi Jens,
    > This is V4 of the Block IO controller patches on top of "for-2.6.33" branch
    > of block tree.
    > A consolidated patch can be found here:

    Hi Vivek,

    It seems this version doesn't work very well for "direct(O_DIRECT) sequence read" mode.
    For example, you can create group A and group B, then assign weight 100 to group A and
    weight 400 to group B, and you run "direct sequence read" workload in group A and B
    simultaneously. Ideally, we should see 1:4 disk time differentiation for group A and B.
    But actually, I see almost 1:2 disk time differentiation for group A and B. I'm looking
    into this issue.
    BTW, V3 works well for this case.


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