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SubjectRe: Bisected: s2disk (uswsusp only) hangs just before poweroff
Justin P. Mattock wrote:
> On 12/01/09 11:59, Alan Jenkins wrote:
>> Hi
>> Suspend to disk is (sometimes) hanging for me in 2.6.32-rc. I finally
>> got around to bisecting it, which blamed the following commit by Mel:
>> 5f8dcc2 "page-allocator: split per-cpu list into
>> one-list-per-migrate-type"
>> I was able to confirm this by reverting the commit, which fixed the
>> hang. I had to revert one other commit first to avoid a conflict:
>> a6f9edd "page-allocator: maintain rolling count of pages to free from
>> the PCP"
>> -- detail --
>> When I suspend my EeePc 701 to disk, it sometimes hangs after writing
>> out the hibernation image. The system is still able to resume from this
>> image (after working around the hang by pressing the power button).
>> This is specific to s2disk from the uswsusp package (which is now
>> installed by default on debian unstable). It doesn't happen if I
>> uninstall uswsusp and use the in-kernel suspend instead.
>> The hang doesn't happen if I boot with "init=/bin/bash" and run s2disk.
>> Nor does it happen if I boot normally, then switch to single user mode
>> ("telinit 12").
>> It only happens if I've logged in to KDE. In the past, this has
>> indicated a problem in a network driver, since NetworkManager only made
>> a connection once I logged in. But it still hangs if I remove both ath5k
>> and atl2 before I log into KDE. (I actually tried removing as many
>> modules as possible: atl2, ath5k, usbcore, snd-hda-intel, psmouse,
>> pcspkr, battery, ac, themal, fan, and eeepc-laptop). Perhaps it's
>> something to do with the size of the hibernation image.
>> -- confidence in the bisection result --
>> The randomness was a bit annoying, but it's not too bad. The hang would
>> normally show up in the first 3 hibernation cycles; I don't remember
>> having to wait more than 6.
>> I wrote a script to do s2disk + rtcwake so I could leave it testing
>> without constantly hitting the power button. This let me test 2.6.32-rc8
>> with the reverts for at least 20 hibernation cycles.
>> Regards
>> Alan
>> --
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> hmm.. maybe this is what I'm seeing over here
> i.g. on my macbook(ati gpu) the first s2ram will
> lagg for about 30/40 secs before waking up
> then every other cycle afterwards reacts as it should.
> Threw in kernels 2.6.30,31 before doing anything
> but showed the same results, leading me to beleive maybe
> I have some userspace issue(libx86)going on.
> I'll try reverting that commit to see.
> Thanks
> Justin P. Mattock

I don't expect so. My problem doesn't affect s2ram. And as far as I
can tell, my hang is forever... it's more than just 40 seconds.


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