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    SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH 0/2] Futex fault injection

    * Darren Hart <> wrote:

    > I don't think the "butt-ugly" argument is enough to reject the patch.

    It is in my book - i dont ever apply ugly patches intentionally.

    > It's a fairly subjective metric and I don't think the proposed
    > solution results in "pretty" code either. In fact the super long
    > function names and multi-line conditionals are arguably "ugly" (maybe
    > not "butt-ugly" though). :-)
    > However, the arguments are solid and I understand wanting to introduce
    > a new feature in a particular way. Has there been any work done on
    > perf event injection up to this point or would this be a completely
    > new perf feature?

    Yeah, it would be a brand new one.

    There's a couple of other usecases as well:

    - User space logging: apps want to define tracepoints and want to
    inject events as they happen - mixed properly into the regular perf
    events flow.

    - MCE logging: hw faults are so rare that injection is desired to make
    sure the policy action chain is working properly.

    - Some of the other fault injection sites could be converted to
    tracepoints + injection-conditions as well, perhaps. That would give
    a more programmable interface and a generic event logging framework.

    So it's nice and important work (and by no means trivial - that comes
    with the territory) - in case you are interested.



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