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SubjectPerf events/ARM

I'm looking at adding support for the hardware performance counters in ARMv6
using the new perf events framework. I have a simple setup that uses the
counters on their own, but wrt the perf events framework:

- what are the requirements of set_perf_event_pending() and
perf_event_do_pending()? As far as I can tell from sparc/x86/powerpc,
set_perf_event_pending() triggers an interrupt that then calls
perf_event_do_pending(). Does perf_event_do_pending need to run in
interrupt context or could I use a soft IRQ if platforms don't have a
spare IRQ?

- ARM does not have proper support for atomic64's. Other than
performance, would there be any known problems with using the generic
spinlocked atomic64's?



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