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SubjectRe: [PATCH -v6 08/13] tracing: add IRQENTRY_EXIT section for MIPS
On Mon, Nov 09, 2009 at 11:31:08AM +0800, Wu Zhangjin wrote:
> Who should I resend this patchset to? you or Steven? If this patchset
> are okay, I will rebase it on the latest tracing/core branch of -tip and
> send the latest version out, and hope you can apply it, otherwise, I
> need to rebase it to the future mainline versions again and again ;) and
> at least, I have tested all of them and their combinations on YeeLoong
> netbook, they work well. of course, more testing report from the other
> MIPS developers are welcome ;)
> Regards,
> Wu Zhangjin

You can keep the current Cc list so that we are all uptodate with the
latest state. I don't think you need to rebase against latest tracing/core
as there doesn't seem to be conflicatble changes inside added lately.
The person who is likely to apply it is Steven as he can test it :)


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