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    SubjectRe: [rfc] "fair" rw spinlocks
    On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 07:22:13AM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > On Mon, 30 Nov 2009, Nick Piggin wrote:
    > >
    > > We do have quite a large number of rwlocks really.
    > Dynamically they tend to be unimportant, except for the tasklist_lock.
    > Many of them are in drivers and/or finegrained, or get called only by
    > fairly unusual things (registering filesystems etc).
    > > If they are so important as to be rwlocks,
    > Stop making total red-herring arguments.

    I just mean, if their usage patterns justify their being an rwlock
    (as opposed to a plain spinlock). That would mean they can have
    significant parallelism in read-side critical sections. And that means
    they could have livelock/DoS problems.

    > It's not about "so important as to be rwlocks". Quite the reverse. I'm
    > saying that most rwlocks are totally _unimportant_. Being a rwlock does
    > _not_ make anything more important or less important in itself, so your
    > argument is bogus. You have to base importantness on other issues than
    > whether they are rwlocks or not.

    I agree there are probably many of them which should just be spinlocks
    by nature of their usage patterns. But I would have thought that at
    least *some* small percentage of them other than tasklist_lock
    would be valid rwlocks.

    Anyway, pointless to care about that point I guess... either they exist
    or they don't, either way we can't just make all rwlocks fair of course.
    So they would have to be tackled one at a time.

    > As far as I can tell there is _one_ single important rwlock, and that's
    > tasklist_lock. Everything else could probably trivially and individually
    > be turned into a spinlock if fairness matters for them. But tasklist_lock
    > fundamentally depends on the semantics of rwlocks.
    > And that one rwlock requires unfair behavior, and is not going to be happy
    > with some more complicated thing (because it is also called from some
    > pretty critical pathways).
    > So my argument is purely:
    > - there is absolutely NOBODY who cares about "fair" rwlocks, because no
    > other user will ever hit its lock enough for it to matter. And if they
    > really do, most of them tend to be fairly simple and localized and
    > might be turned into spinlocks.
    > - the _one_ major exception to this - somebody who does hit the lock
    > enough for fairness to matter - is not likely amenable to any kind of
    > trivial fairness.
    > Now, I'd love to come up with some solution to tasklist_lock, but I just
    > don't see it. At least nothing easy that doesn't have tons of downsides
    > (like turning it into a spinlock, using the irq-safe versions, and having
    > irq's potentially disabled for much longer than I think is good).

    Well the simple thing I tried earlier was a per-cpu array of nesting
    counter there. It's not _too_ expensive, but it does add another cacheline
    access and branch there. It seems to work in solving the livelock though.

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