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    SubjectRe: [RFC] What are the goals for the architecture of an in-kernel IR system?
    Maxim Levitsky <> writes:

    >> Actually, it is not the case. Why do you think it's better (let alone
    >> "much better")? Have you at least seen my RC5 decoder?
    > Because userspace decoder is general, it doesn't depend on exact timing,
    > as long as pulses vary in size it can distinguish between keys, and that
    > is enough.
    > I didn't use your decoder, so in that particular case I don't know.

    I thought so.
    FYI: a sane RC5 decoder doesn't depend on exact timing. Even seen
    a multi-function remote can control many different devices like TV,
    VCR, DVD and so on? From different manufacturers etc.

    > Unless you put it againt an inaccurate decoder....
    > Ask the lirc developers.

    Not sure what do you mean.

    > I have a VCR remote, ok?
    > I have a pulse/space decoder in my notebook, I have created a config
    > file for that, and I did a lot of customizations, because this remote
    > isn't supposed to be used with PC.

    There is no such thing as "being supposed to be used with PC".
    A space/mark receiver can receive data from any remote.

    > Now, I also have a desktop.
    > I don't have a receiver there, but someday I arrange some sort of it.
    > I have an IR dongle in the closed, its raw IR diode.
    > Probably with few components I could connect it to soundcard (and I have
    > 3 independent inputs, of which only one is used)
    > And then I will use alsa input driver.
    > Now I had ended up with 2 different configurations, one for the kernel,
    > another for the lirc.
    > Great, isn't it?

    If you want such setup - why not?
    If you don't - you can use lirc in both cases.

    > The point is again, I *emphasize* that as long as lirc is used to decode
    > all but ready to use scancodes, everything is kept in one place.
    > Both decode algorithms and configuration.

    Then keep it that way and let others use what they think is best for

    Now how hard is it to understand that?

    > Also, I repeat again, that this discussion *IS NOT* about userspace api,
    > its about who decodes the input, kernel or lirc.

    That could be the case if you were limited to "or". But we can do both.
    Krzysztof Halasa

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