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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 16/86] pata_efar: MWDMA0 is unsupported
    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:

    >>>>>>>>MWDMA0 timings cannot be met with the PIIX based controller
    >>>>>>>>programming interface.

    >>>>>>>The efar documentation makes no reference to not being capable of MWDMA0,
    >>>>>>>so where does this come from ? No MWDMA0 is an Intel erratum it appears.

    >>>>>>No MWDMA0 support is a common issue on all 'PIIX-like' controllers.

    >>>>>>In case of this chipset while the (preliminary) documentation claims MWDMA0
    >>>>>>support on the 'FEATURES' page the later 'programming guide' part describes
    >>>>>>only PIO0-4, SWDMA2, MWDMA1-2 and UDMA0-4 transfer modes as supported.

    >>>>>Cool - I only have the original docs.

    >>>> Hm, me too... perhaps worth putting in Jeff's documentation archive?

    >>>Me too? I just have what 'The Good Uncle Google' has..

    >> Well, I've googled for it and was unable to find any valid links even to
    >>my preliminary version anymore. Perhaps I haven't looked hard enough...

    > Maybe... ;)

    > FWIW my file is called 38384_SMSC_SLC90E66.pdf

    Well, that brought me to some Chinese site with 07/10/2002 version
    (which I've already found minutes before that). But it still claims support
    for MWDMA0 under the features... ah, I need to look further down... no
    "programming guide" part, hm... but thanks anyway. :-)

    > --
    > Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz

    WBR, Sergei

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