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Subjectregression: 2.6.32-rc8 shuts down after reaching critical temperature
I recently upgraded my Thinkpad T500 from Linux 2.6.31 to Linux
2.6.32-rc (first -rc7 but I've also tried with -rc6 and -rc8) and when
putting load on it, e.g. by building a kernel tree. It shuts down soon
with the

Critical temperature reached (%ld C), shutting down.\n"

printk from drivers/thermal/thermal_sys.c, where the temperature is
usually 100C or slightly above. The system is a Lenovo Thinkpad T500
with a Intel Core 2 Dueo T9600 running a 32 bit kernel.

I've done some attempts at bisecting it, but for most of the 2.6.32-rc
series the system crashes during boot in ACPI code with a backtrace
longer than the screen can display.

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